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The Shinobi-ranks

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The Shinobi-ranks

In a Shinobi's life, there are 5 ranks a Shinobi can obtain. It's only natural that the higher your rank is, the stronger, smarter, faster, etc. you need to be. These ranks are, in order from lowest to highest:

Academy Student:

When you start your life as Shinobi, you are an Academy Student. In this fase you attend school in an academy, where you learn the easiest jutsu and fighting techniques, like Bunshin. When it is time for the final exam, all students must perform a specific jutsu. The teachers determine whether the jutsu was performed good enough. If it was, you pass, if it wasn't, you fail. If you pass, you will recieve a headprotector, a metal plaque attached to a headband. Even though it is a headprotector, you are allowed to wear it where you want. From now on, you are officially a Genin.


Genin is the second rank a Shinobi can obtain. When you are a Genin, you know already how to use your chakra and a couple of jutsu. Soon after you become a Genin, you are grouped with 2 other Genin. Every group gets a Jounin as their instructor. Every group of Genin will get missions, which they have to complete for the village. These missions are part of the training and are divised into 4 ranks: A-rank, B-rank, C-rank and D-rank. Shinobi in their first year of being a Genin (the so-called rookie-genin) only get D-rank missions. This could be finding a lost cat, or walking dogs. Second year Genin can be appointed C-rank missions, like protecting a person from muggers. No Genin can officially get a higher ranked mission.
Twice a year a Chuuninexam is held. Every Genin from every village can participate and has a chance of becoming a Chuunin. The Chuuninexam consists of three parts. The first part is a written exam, to test the knowledge of the Genin. It isn't the purpose of the test of finding those Genin who possess knowledge, it is finding those Genin which can steal information of others, without being caught. There are no limitations, every technique is allowed, as long as you don't get caught. No Genin should possess the knowledge to answer every single question correctly, so some participants are fakes, who already know all the answers. By cheating, the answers need to spread to all Genin. You start the exam with 10 points. You lose 1 point for every wrong answer and you lose 2 points when you're caught cheating. If someone gets 0 points, he and his team must leave the room and fail the exam. If you pass, you may take the second part.
The second part of the exam is a survivalquest. This part of the exam can have many differences each exam. For starters, the surroundings are different each time. Very often it is held in a rough landscape where wild animals live. Before this part of the exam starts, the Genin recieve a mission which they must complete. This can vary as well. Their are no restrictions for completing the mission, even killing Genin of other teams is allowed. There is a timelimit on this part of the exam. You can only pass if you complete the mission in that time, with all members of your team surviving.
The third part of the exam is a tournament. All remaining Genin will have to fight till death. If there are too many Genin left, preliminary matches are held. These preliminary matches are held immediatly after the second part of the exam. Killing is also allowed. There is a referee. If a match goes on too long, he decides the victor. The Genin who will participate in the "real" matches get a month to prepare themselves. A jury must be appointed, and they must get to the village where the exam is being held. The real matches are also held under the supervising eye of a referee, who stops a fight if it goes on too long. You don't have to win to become a Chuunin, because else there would be 1 Chuunin every exam. The decision is made based on the technique the Genin uses, the way he/she acts, etc. It is possible all participants become a Chuunin, however the possibility exists that none of them become one. The jury decides which Genin have the abilities needed to become a Chuunin.


Chuunin is the third rank a Shinobi can obtain. A Chuunin is better at using his chakra than a Genin, he knows more jutsu and is more mature. He knows how to keep his cool. An important characteristic of a Chuunin is that his team comes before everything, even before the mission. A Chuunin can have many tasks, one of them is serving as a teacher on the academy. A Chuunin can officially get B-rank missions assigned, like stealing certain documents. These missions are often done in groups of Chuunin, with a Chuunin with some experience as their leader. Starting Chuunin can still get C-rank missions.
The way for a Chuunin to become a Jounin has not been mentioned in the anime, but when we find out, we'll add this information as soon as possible.


Jounin is the fourth rank a Shinobi can obtain. A Jounin is a very strong Shinobi, who knows a lot of jutsu, is very good in handling his chakra and knows how to handle emergency situations. Only a Jounin can officially get an A-rank mission and other missions are too easy for them. An A-rank mission can be protecting an important person, who is expected to be assaulted by other Jounin of Chuunin. Other duties a Jounin may have, is protecting the Kage, becoming an ANBU-member, or lead a group of 3 Genin. Only a Jounin can become a Kage. When the Kage dies, the village elders elect one of the strongest Jounin to become the new Kage. How they determine which Jounin is best is still unknown.


Kage is the fifth and highest rank a Shinobi can obtain. As Kage, you're the leader of a Shinobi-village. This means you are considered the strongest of your village. There are 5 Kage in the world, 1 for each of the 5 great Shinobi-villages: Hokage for the Hidden Leaf-village, Kazekage for the Hidden Sand-village, Mizukage for the Hidden Mist-village, Raikage for the Hidden Cloud-village and Tsuchikage for the Hidden Stone-village. It's the Kage's responsibility to keep the village safe and that the village has a good society. Most Kage know over a thousand jutsu and are extremely strong. However, a Kage doesn't fight very often. But when the village needs it, they fight till death.

Subranks and others:

Except for the 5 official ranks, mentioned above, there are different "subranks". These have special functions or characteristics. An exemple of these ranks is an ANBU-member. An ANBU-member is a Jounin who looks after the safety of the village.
Another "subrank" a Shinobi can be is Missing-nin. When you're a missing-nin, it means you have betrayed your village and have been banned from it.

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2The Shinobi-ranks Empty Re: The Shinobi-ranks on Thu Jul 08, 2010 8:54 pm

Za mene je najodgovorniji rank Kagea !
On zahteva ne samo da budes mocan ninja nego i da budes veoma mudar covek i dobar pregovarac sa drugim selima (recimo u vreme neke ratne krize)!

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