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Fighting Styles

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1 Fighting Styles on Sun May 10, 2009 7:59 pm

Fighting Styles

In the world of Naruto, there are 3 ways to fight, Ninjutsu (Ninja-techniques), Genjutsu (Illusionary-techniques) and Taijutsu (hand-to-hand combat). An important part of Ninjutsu and Genjutsu is chakra, but with Taijutsu it's about stamina.

Hand Seal

With this style chakra is used to perform ninja-techniques called jutsu. The jutsu from the Ninjutsu-style can have multiple effects, like conflicting damage, summon animals or affecting ones health, e.g. poison. To be able to perform a jutsu, the user must have enough chakra and he/she must know the hand seals of the jutsu. Every jutsu has its own different combination of hand seals that need to be made. There are exceptions, like Rasengan, which don't need hand seals. These hand seals are named after animals. Some jutsu have other conditions which need to be fullfilled, before a jutsu can be used. When a Shinobi wants to use a jutsu, he needs to transform a part of his stamina into chakra and perform the hand seals.


In many ways, Genjutsu is like Ninjutsu. Stamina is transformed into chakra, hand seals are performed and a jutsu is activated. However, the purpose of jutsu in the domain of Genjutsu is different. This kind of jutsu is to confuse the enemy, like cloning yourself or making yourself invisible. The result may vary from changing entire landscapes to lead enemies into a trap, or even take them into another dimension. In some cases Genjutsu can afflict physical damage. There are special techniques to "counter" Genjutsu, by performing these techniques Genjutsu can be undone, or used against the Genjutsu-user.


Taijutsu is more about stamina than it is about chakra. Taijutsu's main objective is to afflict physical damage, which means hitting and kicking. Abilities like speed, power and endurance measure how well a Taijutsu-user is. There are Nin- and Genjutsu-techniques with which the user can make himself stronger in Taijutsu. Throwing weapons at your opponent like shuriken (a throwing weapon that looks like a star) or kunai ( a throwing knife) is also part of Taijutsu.

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